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    What are the state symbols of California?
    California is the most populous state in the union, so fittingly enough, it has the most number of official symbols. California has 44 official state symbols - ranging from state amphibian (California red-legged frog) to Vietnam Veterans Memorial. California's state symbols are set by state law. Anyone can petition their local state senator or assembly person to propose a new state symbol.
    California state symbols
    Subject Symbol Year adopted
    Amphibian California red-legged frog 2014
    Animal California grizzly bear 1958
    Bird California quail 1931
    Colors Blue and Gold 1951
    Dance West Coast Swing Dancing 1988
    Dinosaur Augustynolophus morrisi 2017
    Fabric Denim 2016
    Fife and Drum Band California Consolidated Drum Band 1997
    Fish Golden trout 1947
    Flag Bear flag 1911
    Flower California poppy 1903
    Folk Dance Square dance 1988
    Fossil Saber-toothed cat 1973
    Fruit Avocado 2013
    Gemstone Benitoite 1985
    Gold Rush Ghost Town Bodie 2002
    Grain Rice 2013
    Grass Purple needlegrass 2004
    Historical Society California Historical Society 1979
    Insect California dogface butterfly 1972
    Lichen Lace lichen 2015
    Marine Fish Garibaldi 2002
    Marine Mammal California gray whale 1975
    Marine Reptile Pacific Leatherback sea turtle 2012
    Military Museum California State Military Museum 2004
    Mineral Gold 1965
    Motto Eureka 1963
    Nickname The Golden State 1968
    Nuts Almond, Walnut, Pistachio, and Pecan 2013
    Outdoor Play The Ramona Pageant 1993
    Prehistoric Artifact Chipped Stone Bear 1991
    Quarter California Quarter 2005
    Reptile Desert tortoise 1972
    Rock Serpentine 1965
    Seal California State Seal 1849
    Silver Rush Ghost Town Calico 2005
    Soil San Joaquin 1997
    Song I Love You, California 1988
    Tall ship Californian 2003
    Tartan California State Tartan 2001
    Theater Pasadena Playhouse 1937
    Tree California redwood 1937
    Vegetable Artichoke 2013
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial California Vietnam Veterans Memorial 2014