California information and quick facts for kids
 Official name
 State of California
 Capital city
 Largest city
 Los Angeles
 38 million (2014 est.)
 Eureka (meaning 'I have found it')
 The Golden State

 State animal
 California grizzly bear
 State bird
 California quail
 State colors
 blue and gold
 State dance
 West Coast Swing Dancing
 State fish
 golden trout
 State flower
 California poppy
 State insect
 California dogface butterfly
 State Marine Mammal
 California gray whale
 State Marine reptile
 Pacific leatherback sea turtle
 State mineral
 State reptile
 desert tortoise
 State song
 I Love You, California" (written by F.B. Silverwood)
 State tree
 California redwood
 Highest point
 Mount Whitney (14,505 ft or 4,421.0 meters)
 Lowest point
 Badwater Basin in Death Valley (−282 feet or −86.0 meters)
 Busiest airport
 Los Angeles International Airport (code: LAX)
 Current Governor
 Jerry Brown
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California Location in USA
Capital: Sacramento

Largest city: Los Angeles

State Nickname
California Motto
California Quarter
State bird: California quail

State animal: California grizzly bear

State flower: California Poppy

State tree: California redwood

State fish: golden trout

State insect: California dogface butterfly

State reptile: desert tortoise

State song: "I Love You, California", written by F.B. Silverwood

State dance: West Coast Swing dance

Seal (Coat of arms)
Current weather in San Francicso
Current weather in San Diego
Population (2014 est.)
Population density (2014 est.)
Population per square mile
Alaska population density is 1.3
Population by race (2014 est.)
California Airports
California became 31st state on
Median Household Income (2014 est.)
Governor: Jerry Brown
Current California time
Area of California
Highest point: Mount Whitney (14,505 feet or 4,421 meters)
Lowest point: Badwater Basin, Death Valley ( -282 feet or 855 meters)